Alpha Strike New Players

Alpha Strike Introduction

There have been some great content coming out as resources for new Alpha Strike players that I wanted to collect as a reference.

BattleTech: Alpha Strike Box Set
The new box set is shipping out from the distributor this week (as of 11/22/22). Catalyst Game Labs online store is expected to have it for order on 11/25. You can preorder at several online stores, or place an order at your FLGS. This is the recommended place to start with Alpha Strike.
Wolfnet Radio Alpha Strike Box Set Unboxing

Aries Games and Miniatures
Fortress Miniatures and Games

BattleTech: Alpha Strike Quick Start Rules
If you need a test before putting your hard-earned money on the table, Catalyst Game Labs has a free PDF, the Alpha Strike Quick Start Rules. You can print and play a sample Alpha Strike game.
BattleTech Downloads page
Scroll down and Alpha Strike Quick Start is the second link on the page.

How To Play Alpha Strike
Six Sides of Gaming Does an Alpha Strike playthrough with Randall Bills of Catalyst Game Labs and Ed Stephens, Catalyst Demo Team Agent.
BiggRigg has a series of short tutorials going through the basic aspects of the game (what Alpha Strike is, how movement works, how line of sight is tested, etc).

Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition
The Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition book is the full rulebook for the Alpha Strike game. In general, if it’s in AS:CE, it’s part of the Alpha Strike game. I’ll let Randall and Ed talk about all that’s in AS:CE.
Six Sides of Gaming AS:CE Promo
Also available in PDF from drivethrurpg, Aries and Fortress online stores (see AS box set links above) or your FLGS.

Master Unit List
The Master Unit List (MUL) is the official BattleTech site for keeping tracking of all the canon BattleTech units. For Alpha Strike, it also has the Alpha Strike Unit Cards for most of the units. It has an Alpha Strike Force Builder where you can add units to a force, set their skill levels, get a total Point Value (PV) and print off a force list and all the skill adjusted unit cards.

Alpha Strike Community
Catalyst Demo Team is the official demo group for Catalyst Game Labs’ including BattleTech and BattleTech: Alpha Strike. They have a Facebook group and are running Alpha Strike tournaments as part of the BattleTech Championship Circuit (BTCC) as well as locally organized events.
Wolfnet has a Facebook group, podcast, discord server, youtube channel and host Alpha Strike 350 format tournaments.
The MechBay podcast also has a discord server and regularly plays and discusses Alpha Strike on both.


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