Battle of Tukayyid Expanded Force Creation

At long last the Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook was released. And one of the first responses after “ooh, look at that cover” was “why isn’t the Kodiak on the random tables?” The short answer was, the tables were not intended to cover every ‘mech that could possibly be on Tukayyid, but after a number ofContinue reading “Battle of Tukayyid Expanded Force Creation”

Designing a Sarath

Technical Readout 3145 has had some interesting changes from previous TRs.  One of those was the handing off of the collecting/determining stats/construction to a team specficially for that purpose.  They put a lot of  work into collecting all the various Mechwarrior Dark Age references (and the variants), figuring out how they fit in to “classic”Continue reading “Designing a Sarath”

Introductory League

My BattleTech group has recently started a BattleTech Introductory League. 220 tons, exactly 4 battlemechs and nothing else, only Introductory rules level, all Veteran mechwarriors. I’m not competing as I’m “hosting”, but will play if there’s an odd player out that needs someone to play against. I did up some default lance lists for thoseContinue reading “Introductory League”