Alpha Strike New Players

There have been some great content coming out as resources for new Alpha Strike players that I wanted to collect as a reference. BattleTech: Alpha Strike Box Set The new box set is shipping out from the distributor this week (as of 11/22/22). Catalyst Game Labs online store is expected to have it for orderContinue reading “Alpha Strike New Players”

Nashira Campaign: Powered Up!

Savage Baron took the Nashira Campaign and gave it a fancy new look and feel. In addition to a general cosmetic update, Savage Baron created a world map for Nashira, Alpha Strike cards for the new variants, and new Savannah mapsheet. Take a look! If you’re not familiar with the Nashira campaign, it’s a scenarioContinue reading “Nashira Campaign: Powered Up!”

Alpha Strike Movement Cost Table for Hex Maps and Unit Special Ability Reference

This is a pair of quick reference PDF of the movement cost tables for Alpha Strike if using hex maps and a summary and page reference for Special Abilities on unit. For the movement cost table, there was a split in preference among those that want to convert unit’s MV from inches to hexes first,Continue reading “Alpha Strike Movement Cost Table for Hex Maps and Unit Special Ability Reference”

ilClan Force Creation and RATs

I heard several people asking about RATs for ilClan. Though it says to use FM:3145, there are new ‘mechs in the book and from the Recognition Guides that postdate the 3145 RATs, particularly for Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon. So I made some. I had no involvement with the ilClan sourcebook, these are just myContinue reading “ilClan Force Creation and RATs”

Battle of Tukayyid Expanded Force Creation

At long last the Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook was released. And one of the first responses after “ooh, look at that cover” was “why isn’t the Kodiak on the random tables?” The short answer was, the tables were not intended to cover every ‘mech that could possibly be on Tukayyid, but after a number ofContinue reading “Battle of Tukayyid Expanded Force Creation”