Designing a Narukami

Third TR 3145 Designing a … post, and the first design I actually did and the first that got published is the Narukami. Another open-ended “requirement”.  A Kuritan assault tank.  Now, as most Kuritan players are aware, the DCMS isn’t all that respectful of its armor forces, and the TRs haven’t given them a lotContinue reading “Designing a Narukami”

Designing a Sarath

Technical Readout 3145 has had some interesting changes from previous TRs.  One of those was the handing off of the collecting/determining stats/construction to a team specficially for that purpose.  They put a lot of  work into collecting all the various Mechwarrior Dark Age references (and the variants), figuring out how they fit in to “classic”Continue reading “Designing a Sarath”