I have been an on again, off again BattleTech player since the late 80s.  A couple years ago I got on again, and through a personal project converting units to BattleForce stats I ended up becoming a volunteer for Catalyst Game Labs as part of the Master Unit List (MUL) team.  I have also joined the Calayst Agents, leading to me running monthly games at my local friendly game store (Hangar 18 Hobbies).

Using Strategic Operation’s BattleForce rules for small scale skirmish battles was what first drew me back to BattleTech, and I was interested enough the Quick-Strike rules there to slowly work on making that option a full rulebook. With a startling coincidence, a friend that heard of my work on fleshing that out was around when Catalyst Game Labs was talking about making a Quick-Strike rulebook to release that year. And that’s how I ended up writing the Alpha Strike rulebook.

My interests in Alpha Strike and the Master Unit List led to working on the Combat Manual series, primarily on the rules side of that series. As part of supporting that series, I wrote Turning Points: Vega 3039 as it seemed a good fit for what were scheduled to be the first Combat Manual releases (Mercenaries, Kurita, Davion and Steiner).  Unfortunately the series was put on hold before Davion or Steiner was released.

Long conversations with Ray Arrastia over some concepts of a BIG campaign book for BattleTech led to the Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook announced as part of the BattleTech Clan Invasion Kickstarter.

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