Battle of Tukayyid Expanded Force Creation

At long last the Battle of Tukayyid sourcebook was released. And one of the first responses after “ooh, look at that cover” was “why isn’t the Kodiak on the random tables?” The short answer was, the tables were not intended to cover every ‘mech that could possibly be on Tukayyid, but after a number of edits and cuts that shortened the “lists” compared to the tables, I can understand why a player seeing the final result would wonder why only a few weren’t on the tables for the Clans. A second response was “how do I determine what weight my Stars are, based on the Cluster weight?” And the response here was that the Cluster weight was just a guideline, the player chooses the weight of each ‘Mech.

But that did make me wonder. What if I had a goal of every ‘Mech available on Tukayyid being available (from the full Supplemental lists, not just the Kickstarter available units) on the random assignment tables somewhere, and what if we started with the Cluster weights (or Division weights) and built tables all the way through determining each Stars’ formation type and each ‘Mechs weight class?

Battle of Tukayyid Expanded Force Creation

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