Nashira Campaign

I wrote this BattleTech campaign specifically for new players getting A Game of Armored Combat and Beginner Box sets. At the time, there was already an announcement of an upcoming Succesion Wars campaign that I thought would do the same, so I impatiently released it myself as a fanwork. Perhaps if I’d had more paitence, but by the time Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars came out, the box sets had been out a while already and I didn’t want to wait another 6+ months to get approval and go through the process of an official release.

It’s built on a line in an old sourcebook (original House Davion?) bio for Ardan Sortek, where it mentions a raid on an electronics factory on Nashira led to his rise and eventually being noticed by Hanse Davion and becoming Prince’s Champion.

Nashira is well behind the border, and the mention of an electronics factory was interesting to me. Why would Davion be striking so far behind the lines at an electronics factory, and why would this be a big deal for the career of Sortek? Later, Nashira is home to the Genyosha, and even later the Genyosha would be well known users of the C3 system. So I had an early attempt at C3 that was halted by the Davion strike. The Genyosha did not exist yet, but I was able to bring in a later Genyosha CO as a younger officer on this raid. While this C3 system would be considered a failure, and its failure would be a mark on her career for some time, Laura Nelson would stick with both her career and C3 and both would eventually be rewarded with success. The 15th Dieron Regulars would not turn out so well..

You can download the Nashira campaign under the Campaigns page.

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