Designing a Narukami

Third TR 3145 Designing a … post, and the first design I actually did and the first that got published is the Narukami.

Another open-ended “requirement”.  A Kuritan assault tank.  Now, as most Kuritan players are aware, the DCMS isn’t all that respectful of its armor forces, and the TRs haven’t given them a lot of attention.  They have the Schiltron (which they share with many others).  They have ancient Behemoths, Demolishers, Ontos and Schreks.  They salvage Challengers and Alacorns when they can.  (So the MUL tells me).  That’s it for assault tanks.  They haven’t built a new asault tank other than the Schiltron since the Star League fell?

My first thought was twin Long Tom Cannons. I had been considering that one for some time.  Forget aiming, just cover the field and crush whatever is there.  This was rejected due to another unit already planned for TR3145 with that loadout (see TR3145 Davion).  Didn’t want the same concept repeated.

So I started poring over what tanks the DCMS had, thinking something was due for a make-over.  The Behemoth was already getting a Behemoth II (though for the Cappies and not the Kuritas), so I chose the Schrek.

The Schrek has good firepower and decent range.  Problems were its speed and armor.  The speed I decided to leave, it’s an assault tank, low speed can be accepted.  I wanted to improve it’s defense, and if I could also improve its firewpower, that would be a bonus.  I needed tonnage, and that meant an XL engine.  Yes, it’s much more expensive.  But one of its primary opponents (Federated Suns), was churning out XL engine assaults like they have nothing better to do, the DCMS would just need to pony up some money to match them.

The first thing I did was add some Anti-Missile Systems.  SRMs are a pain to tanks, whether standard SRM rounds causing crits, or inferno rounds that just ruin the day.  I put two systems and deliberately set one on the turret and one up front, so that the front is always covered even if the turret moves to track a target.  Preferably the enemy stays in the front arc, but if not, the gunner can track a target without leaving the front of the tank unprotected.

Next I added armor.  Lots of armor.  And I made it hardened.  Unfortunately, my memory failed me, and this doesn’t stop LBX rounds like I orginally hoped.  Nor does it do anything to vehicle movement crits.  It does still stop standard penetrating crits, and those pesky tasers.  (If you’re playing against tasers, you’ll love hardened armor).  I tried to change this to heavy ferro-fibrous at the last minute to make it even more armor, but those in charge liked the hardened.  I think the writer of the TR entry missed the hardened, as he refers to it as “underarmored for the modern battlefield”.  Odd for something carrying 17.5 tons of armor.  How much do you need? 🙂

And CASE got added.  Why?  Well, if there’s any vehicle crews in the DCMS worth saving, it’s likely to be the ones piloting their new, advanced assault tank.  Let’s try to save those crews.

Finally, two of the PPCs were kept, and one swapped for a gauss rifle to add a slight amount of damage and some range.  I then went looking for lightning based Japanese names, and came across Raiden.  That name has way too many connections in most people’s minds, so I found the less used Narukami and the tank had a name.

Quirks: Low Profile was “kept” from the Schrek description in TR3026/3039.  The Hard to Pilot combined with the hardened armor piloting penalty is a bit rough, but it’s mostly meant to park and smash, and it can’t fall down like a ‘mech, so it’s bearable.  Fast Reload?  Sure, keep that gauss (and AMS) going..  (The Low Profile was the one I choose.  We were asked to choose one, and leave the others for the writers/artists/whoever to have some room).

So that’s all of my part in the Narukami.  I love the art.  I was surprised by the gauss rifle being off-center, but at least this way it doesn’t look like a giant extended middle finger? 🙂

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