Designing a Stalker

Part two in the I have no idea how long Designing a.. series.

After having fun with the Narukami and Sarath, I thought I was done.  But jymset came to me and said he had a new addition that needed stats ASAP.  A Stalker II, and it needed to be “boss as ***K”.  No idea why he came to me for that, but I was happy to give it a try.

I immediately had two very opposing ideas.  All out defensive IS tech, or no holds barred the best of everything.  Defensive was to go with hardened armor and torso mounted cockpit to make it nearly impervious to regular weapons fire.  This left hardly anything for firepower.  It would be extremely slow, so I picked some extended LRMs so that it would also be able to fire something at a target.  I then needed as much firepower as I can manage with very little tonnage (or space for heat sinks), so I piled on medium lasers, and tossed a targeting computer.  (The original also had TSM to help with closing the distance speed.  Not sure why/when that got dropped).

For the no pulling punches variant, I pulled out the best of clantech and IS tech.  Compact engine, compact gyro, small cockpit, endo steel.  Sixteen double heat sinks.  16.5 tons of Stealth Armor.  ER Large Pulse Laser, Two Streak LRM-15s, Angel ECM, CASE II, medium pulse laser, TAG, targeting computer.  I should have thrown a c3 in there somewhere :).

And somebody thought the IS tech one was more interesting.  I immediately tried to upgrade the firepower, but I could find anything that was more interesting (in the opinion of the people making that decision).  One suggestion was to keep the stealth armor of the other variant in order to do twin thunderbolt 10s, and twin light ppcs, with the laser array and targeting computer. If I had remembered the piloting skill modifiers, I might have pushed this more… (see below).

Oh, and my note on the hardened armor/torso-mounted cockpit combination?

“I started just wanting it tough, the 8 MLs was just…how can I get some kind of firepower on this??  27 tons of armor is a lot. I’m concerned about its lack of mid-normal long range firepower.  12 damage from two exended lrm-10s isn’t much. I’ve also never used a torso-mounted cockpit.  Not sure if that’s a good idea or not. ”

Yes, I had forgotten that both the hardened armor and torso-mounted cockpit have piloting penalties.  Doh.

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