Introductory League

My BattleTech group has recently started a BattleTech Introductory League. 220 tons, exactly 4 battlemechs and nothing else, only Introductory rules level, all Veteran mechwarriors. I’m not competing as I’m “hosting”, but will play if there’s an odd player out that needs someone to play against. I did up some default lance lists for those that are new and/or don’t want to make their own force, but I wanted to think about what I wanted to use.

Hunchback HBK-4G (x3)
Archer ARC-2R

The Hunchbacks are the whole idea. Most people seem to be going 45-55 tonners with 5/8/5, 6/9/6 or 5/8 with maybe one slower heavy (Thunderbolt, Grasshopper or Guillotine for example.) And getting anything to die is tough. there’s a four hour limit on games, and our two games so far were both one with one kill.

Hopefully AC/20s can speed that up. The extra tonnage is used for a long-range tough mech that would get the honor of moving first so the Hunchbacks can react to the enemy’s moves.

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